What are Mosquito Misting Systems?

Outdoor residential mosquito misting systems , sometimes refer to as mosquito misters, are specialized misting systems designed to spray insecticides in the form of a fine mist diluted in water to kill mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. The mist is delivered through spray nozzles which are installed around the perimeter of the home and lawn on structures such as the patio, fence or in the flowerbeds and landscaping. The insecticides are delivered to the nozzles through high pressure tubing. Most misting systems are preset to mist several times per day using a timer or a control unit.

What Insecticides are used in Mosquito Misting Systems?

The most commonly used insecticides for mosquito misting systems are pyrethrins and permethrins. Mosquito misting insecticides may also contain piperonyl butoxide. Each insecticide lists the active ingredients on the back label. By law insecticide labels give instructions on handling, use, and application according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure the safety of humans and the environment.

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Effective at Controlling Mosquitoes?

Mosquito misting systems are the most effective mosquito repellent for long term on going mosquito control. Once installed it sprays on regular basis providing daily protection from mosquitoes. The EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise that a combination of mosquito controlling approaches should be used to minimize the threat of mosquitoes. In addition to installing a mosquito misting system, one should eliminate standing water from pots, tires, toys, jars and other containers which create a mosquito breeding habitat.  Mosquitoes can travel up to several miles; therefore enclosing the perimeter of the property with misting nozzles proves to be very effective.

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Safe?

The EPA has assesses that even though humans and pets may become exposed to the insecticides sprayed through the nozzles, it does not expect risks and concerns when the insecticides are used according to the instructions listed on their labels. However, excessive use that is not in accordance to the label may pose some risk.