Custom design will be based on your needs as well as your landscape and architectural features to achieve the results you desire. 

Our UNDERWATER LIGHT casts a versatile light output of uniform illumination. It creates eye catching lighting effects under the movement of water. This light is ideal for illuminating water fountains, waterfalls, water ponds, and other water features. The MIK Underwater Light comes with a replaceable led bulb available in different brightness and color. The most popular color is our 2700K warm white color that is identical to a traditional halogen bulb at a fraction of the energy consumption. Color lenses are also available for even more playful lighting effects. 

The underwater light is powered by a low voltage transformer with a safe 12V current. The light uses a pressure fitted seal to prevent any leaks. Forged solid brass is the most durable material for underwater use where chlorination and other chemicals are used. All of our lights are UL listed and made with high quality components.

MIK Solutions Outdoor Lighting is a direct distributor to high quality outdoor lighting. Our lights are made out of solid brass material proven to withstand the humidity in Texas. Solid brass lights offer the highest quality because brass does not have paint or coating that will wear of and start peeling over time. Brass outdoor lighting has beautiful natural patina and will not corrode and disintegrate from moisture and humidity.

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