January 11, 2015

​The Importance of Outdoor Lighting Design

At MIK Solutions, our landscape and outdoor lighting design principles add beauty, character, and safety to your home and outdoor living spaces. From the thoughtful planning of your property’s exterior illumination… to the creative use of different outdoor lighting techniques and effects… to the well-orchestrated and artful placement of our exceptional outdoor light fixtures, we achieve professional quality that matches every taste, budget and architecture. It all adds up to magnificent illumination effects that enhance your property and extend the use and enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Design

With the uniqueness of every home, the only true way to envision the warm, rich glow of our illumination effects is with our professional lighting designer at a night time design demonstration at your property. As we tour your outdoor spaces, we listen to your needs and outdoor lighting ideas for beautification, safety, and functionality to help us paint the perfect outdoor lighting design just for you.

Your designer will discuss what you would like to accomplish with your new outdoor lighting… what features you would like to accentuate… and what mood you would like to set around your property. Once complete, you are sure to be amazed by the beauty of your property at night.

Superior Outdoor Lights

When it comes to choosing your outdoor lighting system, we are the industry leaders with our corrosion free outdoor light fixtures, wires and lamps. Our customers love the fact that they are suited for the toughest outdoor conditions. Our fixtures are made from solid brass that takes on a rich patina over time which blends beautifully into your landscape.

Our led lights are extremely energy efficient and have long life expectancy of 40,000hrs. We use low voltage transformers converting the electricity output to 12 volts, allowing your lights to use over 80% less energy while delivering the perfect amount of illumination with a balanced light intensity.

We are so confident of our lighting fixtures performance and durability that we offer a lifetime warranty.