June 14, 2016

Outdoor Lighting Troubleshooting Tips

From time to time there can be things that happen with your lighting system. Here are the most common issues people have with their outdoor lighting systems:

The outdoor lighting system did not turn on all together – 9 out 10 times this is a tripped circuit or a tripped gfi outlet. If this happens to you, the first thing you should do is to go to your outlet to test if you have power at the outlet. This can be done simple by just plugging in a lamb into that outlet to see if you have power. If you do not have power at that outlet, first check your circuit panel. Make sure all your breakers are on. Then check around the house for gfi outlets. Those are the outlets with reset buttons. Make sure all of the gfi outlets are reset, and none of them are tripped.
A section of outdoor lights has gone out – If it is an entire section of your outdoor lights, try to remember if you had any digging done, and look around for a spot where somebody could have cut the line. Occasionally, with more mature trees, a tree route can damage a wire and disconnect a zone of your landscape lighting.
One of my outdoor lights is not coming on – The most common cause for one light to go out is a burnt bulb. Try replacing the bulb. If replacing the bulb does not solve the problem, you may have a broken wire, a loose connection, or a light fixture that needs to be replaced.
Your outdoor lights are just remaining on all the time – This is usually a problem with your control unit. Most of the time when this happens is when you have a photocell that has gone bad. When photocells fail they typically fail on. So go ahead and check your photocell and your timer to make sure everything is set properly.
My outdoor lights are not bright enough – One of the common reasons for that is that with halogen bulbs there is lumen depreciation where the light is no longer quite as bright and it loses its reflective qualities. When using halogen bulbs, it is a good idea to change your light bulbs every 3 years or just upgrade them to much more durable and energy efficient led bulbs. If changing the bulbs does not help, then try cleaning the lens and repositioning the light fixture to ensure it is illuminating the desired area. With time the landscape changes or the lights get pushed when replanting, and they simply may need to be repositioned to ensure they are targeting the desired area of coverage.  

Nothing will have a greater impact on the safety and security of your home than outdoor lighting. The overall curb appeal that professional outdoor lighting can add is unparalleled to anything else you can do to the front of your property. 

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