LED Christmas Lights Vs Incandescent Lights

As the Christmas holidays quickly approach, it is time for millions around the globe to start thinking about decorating their homes to rhyme with theme and the spirit of the festivities. Conspicuously present in everyone’s decoration list will be Christmas lights, and a choice will have to be made between LED Christmas lights and the incandescent lights.

Between the two, the use of Led Christmas lights have exploded over the past few years and this has been due to good reasons. LED lights are preferred to by many families because they are extremely energy efficient, thus helps in saving the energy bills for the homeowners. When compared to incandescent Christmas lights, LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less energy and most people find this to be very admirable.

Incandescent Christmas bulbs work by creating heat which in turn makes the inner filament of the bulb to glow. LED lights on the other hand are designed with inner conductors which do not require any production of heat in order to light up. As a matter of fact, incandescent bulbs have been designed for self destruct since the inner filaments will burn out until they are no more. But this is a not a phenomenon present in the LED bulbs.

Because incandescent Christmas bulbs have to create heat in order to work, the bulbs can sometimes get very hot. Using them on Christmas Trees, where kids and pets are known to play around during Christmas time may predispose them to dangers such as burning their fingers and paws should they come in contact with the hot bulbs. This is never the case with LED Christmas lights.

Though the initial cost of acquiring LED Christmas lights is relatively high compared to incandescent Christmas lights, it immediately leads to a higher return on investments because of their efficiency, longevity and ease of handling. Once you purchase them, you will not have to worry about constantly replacing the bubs each Christmas time.