Use Outdoor Lighting to Improve Curb Appeal

Landscaping is often used to provide privacy and increase the aesthetic value of your home. As you design the layout of your yard, consider how outdoor lighting could be used to improve your curb appeal. Outdoor lighting provides enhanced safety and security, softly highlights structures or plants, and extends the use of your outdoor space.

Choose lighting that complements your landscaping

There are many different outdoor lighting options available, and each style has particular benefits. Determining why you want to install outdoor lighting will help you decide which products and styles will be best for your home and lawn.

1. Using outdoor lighting to improve security

If you're concerned about safety and security, high outdoor lighting with sensors and timers may be the best option for you. Placing lights up in trees will create a soft, natural moonlight effect and brighten up the terrain. Garage or wall lights add security against intruders and are perfect when you have a teenager perfecting his jump shot after dark. You may also wish to use small ground lanterns to light pathways, flowerbeds or steps.

2. Boosting the aesthetics of your home and improving curb appeal with lighting

Up-lighting highlights architecture or plants from the ground to add depth. Place the light in front to call attention to details and cast shadows or behind for a silhouette effect. Up-lighting is particularly helpful if you're trying to get your home to show better in the evening. Light up your house number, blossoming trees, unique architecture and the front entryway to improve the curb appeal of your home.

3. Creating a way to enjoy the great outdoors longer

When your yard is well-lit, you can spend more time outside with family and friends. Creating a patio space for family barbeques and entertaining gives you the perfect summer evening spot and improves your curb appeal. Here are a few lighting tips to help you stay out later on those warm summer nights:

Use outdoor lighting to accent your pool and hot tub for safety and ambiance.
Install lamps at the end of the driveway to help guests spot your home easily.
Add character to your porch with rope or deck lights.
Place a spot or flood light off the back wall for neighborhood games of football or baseball that trail into dusk.
Create the perfect patio getaway with twinkle lights in the trees, an outdoor fireplace, patio lights, and oil or candle lanterns.

Installing outdoor lighting

When it comes to installing outdoor lighting, you need to be sure you meet local codes and UL approval, have weatherproof switches and outlets, and properly ground and bury all wires and cables. 

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