Christmas Lights Safety Tips

A home or house fully lit with Christmas lights is always a sight for sore eyes. But installing the lights on the roofs and around the home can pose serious safety concerns if not done in the right manner. Therefore, before you put on the switch to wow family and friends with the magnificent displays, here are some Christmas lights safety tips you need to have in mind:

Check the entire set of lights for cracked or broken cords, loose connections or frayed ends before you string the single strands together.

Avoid old strands of lights since they are not fixed with fused plugs which prevents sparks in case of short circuits, as is the case with the modern strands.

Replace burnt out bulbs immediately and ensure that you are using the correct wattage bulbs when replacing.

Ensure that the outdoor sockets are plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter to reduce the risks of short circuits and shocks in case water and debris gets into the outdoor switch.

Use bricks to elevate plugs and connectors when running extension cords along the ground so that water, snow and debris do not interfere with the connection.

Only use Christmas lights which have been rated by the UL testing laboratory.

Not all Christmas light are suited for outdoor usage. Indoor lights are fitted with thinner insulation and can crack or get damaged when exposed to the outdoor conditions. Therefore, make sure that you use the right lights in the outdoor.

After the holidays, put back the lights into the storage container in a well sealed bag. The storage should be able to offer adequate protection water intrusion and it should be strong enough to stop the rodents from accessing and nibbling at the cables.

Use these Christmas lights safety tips to avoid common accidents that might occur when you are enjoying the festivities.