Neighborhoods with Christmas Lights in Houston TX

Every year, entire neighborhoods in Houston light up the night sky with extravagant displays of lights during Christmas time. But out of the thousands or even millions of homes which display Christmas lights, some tend to stand out and look more lavish than the others. Below are the neighborhoods in Houston where you are guaranteed to find the best Christmas lights:

Woodland Heights

During Christmas, Woodland Heights is known to come to life with beautiful and eye catching Christmas lights. The streets are decorated up to the highest points and then there is also a carefully choreographed music which is usually synced with the theme of the houses. The displays in this place are particularly exciting because the residents do compete for awards on the decorations.

Pecan Groove Plantation

Pecan Groove Plantation is a suburb in Fort Bend County, and through the years, it has been known to offer magnificent wide displays of Christmas lights. If you find some time to drive along the neighborhood during Christmas, you will be amazed by the pleasant displays of the lights.

River Oaks

River Oaks is another neighborhood known for amazing Christmas light displays. It is said that the community at River Oaks has the best show of holiday celebrations which should never be missed if you find yourself in this place at that time of the year.

Prestwood Forest

Prestwood Forest is known to amaze residents and visitors during Christmas time with elegant light and decorative displays. Hundreds of homes in this neighborhood do take part in holiday-themed Nights of Lights Christmas. Although visitors are welcome to witness the displays, you will be kindly requested to come between 6pm and 11pm and not extend your stay in the neighborhood.

Scott Terrace

Scott Terrace is dominated by older, one story houses which has a unique way of inviting the traditional Christmas charm. During the festivities, you can enjoy seeing the elegant scenes decorated with illuminating uniform lighting displays and feel the true spirit of Christmas in the air. Ensure you arrive early, since hundreds of spectators are known to swarm this neighborhood to see the homes.