3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Lights

Keep the fire ants away – Fire ants are the biggest enemy of your beautiful outdoor lighting. Ants are attracted to heat and love building their mounds around lights. They carry moisture and dirt inside the core of your lights and destroy their electrical components. Treat fire ant piles immediately if you see them close to your lighting fixtures. Put ant killer around your lights twice a year to keep your outdoor lighting running.

Upgrade to LED bulbs– Halogen bulbs lose their brightness overtime and burn out every 1-3 years. LED bulbs have 10 times longer life and stay bright throughout their lifetime. Not to mention they consume a lot less electricity. Replace all of your landscape lighting bulbs with LED bulbs and you will never have to worry about burnt out bulbs every couple of months.

Move the lights out of the way – Positioning lights in heavy traffic areas where people walk or gardeners mow is a recipe for disaster. Outdoor lights should not be placed in the middle of walkways or grass areas. Instead position them in flowerbeds and mulched areas. Most outdoor lights have 2-3 feet of extra cable to allow for repositioning. If a light cannot be moved into a protected area try adding some rocks or mulch around it to protect it from the lawnmower.

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